Health Care Reform: Will Doctors Be Invited?

For the salaried doctor in 2014 there are many questions and few answers.  While the theories about what health care systems and doctors must do to improve care and achieve the triple aim are many, and the acronyms that describe them seem to multiply by the week, we hear little about the experience of the doctor under these new regimes.  Most of the doctors in Doctors Council are part of an ACO and many are part of PCMH and yet when we read the newspaper or a scholarly article on the subject, the role of the doctor as a real person seems to vanish.  

What is it like for the overworked, often under resourced, devoted doctor to operate in a PCMH environment?  It might look good to the hospital administrator or a CMS regulator on paper that an out patient clinic meets the standards for a PCMH, but the sheer craziness of the clinic, the disconnect between the idea and the practice, the frustrations of the doctor and the patient are too often dismissed from serious consideration.


This blog strives to understand the transformation of the health care delivery system from the perspective of the real doctor in a real hospital or clinic with all the chaotic realities of medicine as it is actually practiced in our far from perfect situations.  What is unique about Doctors Council ,is our doctors experience of the health care system, and the experience of our salaried doctors is precisly the resource we must use to improve both the quality of care, and the experience of providing care. The frustrations of the patients, and the frustrations of the doctor are different sides of the same coin.


The blog will provide key news that speaks to the doctor’s experience and strive to include the views of practicing doctors on the that news and research.  This will be an evolving project and we are humble as to the best way to proceed.   We invite participation from of our members and any other doctors, patients or other health care providers who like to be part of this conversation.

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