Safety-net Hospitals are Different!

Data continues to emerges that it is very difficult to have federal payment systems that do not address safety-net hospitals and their unique patient populations. It is increasing clear that adjustments to the federal payment system for health care must take into account the realities of the safety-net hospitals many Doctor Council members serve.

One study analyzing DSH funding concludes that reductions in DSH funding may disproportionately affect Safety-net hospitals. The study describes a process in California that has important implications for the New York Health Care Market.  

By expanding coverage, the ACA will greatly decrease the size of the uninsured population. But because health care costs keep rising as a result of inflation, the law will have less impact than expected on the amount of uncompensated care costs at safety-net hospitals.

Another recent study addressing the special needs of safety net hospitals and the patients they serve, studies  how CMS’s health prospective payment system will affect the underserved community. 

What is clear to doctors working in safety net hospitals is becoming increasing clear to the administrators and regulators who fund them- safety net hospitals and the patients they serve demand greater resources. And yet it still remains hard for the doctor’s experience to be heard in resource conversations. It is as if the reality of the doctors experience is only real when metrics from above confirm it.  

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