What is it Like for the Salaried Primary Care Doctor?

Stories, like the one in Kaiser Health News point out that insurance companies are paying more attention to the primary care doctors:

“While much attention has focused on expanded coverage and online insurance bazaars, policymakers’ bigger challenge is improving Americans’ health while putting a brake on the cost of their care. The keys to that puzzle, CareFirst and many others are deciding, are the internists and general practitioners who have largely been left behind by health care’s financial boom.”

To do this they are tying increases to performance metrics.  But there is still someway to go.   According to MedScape Primary care doctors continue to receive less than their specialist peers.  Furthermore, the problem of a Primary Care shortage will only get worse in the future.  What will the solution be for salaried doctors where the expextations will continue to increase and the pay is more fixed?


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