Saturday July 18, 2015 Rally for Justice for Eric Garner

Doctors Council SEIU Statement by First VP Dr. Matthews Hurley in Support of Justice for Eric Garner

This Saturday, July 18, Doctors Council SEIU will join the rally to demand justice for Eric Garner and to call for transformation in our justice system. Inequality in our City remains pervasive. Just as doctors in New York City’s public hospitals and across neighborhoods fight to lessen healthcare inequality, we all need to fight to eliminate injustice and inequality wherever we see it. Those who serve New Yorkers have a responsibility to treat their interactions with fellow New Yorkers with a level of professionalism that reflects respect and training that takes into account mental health issues and physical complaints. The trampling of a New Yorker’s dignity and human rights has no place on our streets nor in our justice and correctional systems.GarnerCelebration7.14

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