Grievance and Arbitration Victories Protect our Rights at Work and Enforce our Contracts

Doctors Council members have enjoyed a number of victories following grievances being filed and arbitration hearings.

In Chicago, we won our Shutdown Day arbitration case.  Cook County had furloughed County workers for an unpaid day in violation of our contract.  This means that every Doctors Council member who was docked pay on November 29, 2013, will get it back.  We are currently working with the County to make sure they identify all our affected members and pay them as soon as possible. 

Similarly, we are making positive headway on resolving our grievance on the salary step increases issue.  After hearing from several of our members that they were not getting their scheduled salary step increases, we asked the County to investigate.  They discovered that they had failed to pay many County employees many years worth of step increases.  We are working with the County to identify which Doctors Council members have been affected by this.  The County has begun making necessary step adjustments but has more to make.  It also needs to make retroactive payments to all affected employees.  We will stay focused on this issue until everyone is made whole.  This could be worth a lot of money to our members!

In New York, a number of members have received additional wage increases and retroactive payments due to our contract enforcement.  A doctor at Woodhull Hospital received increased longevity and a retroactive payment of $10,000 after an investigation showed he was not receiving the correct longevity. Likewise, a number of doctors at Coler and Henry J. Carter will now receive increased longevity and retroactive payments.  In addition, a number of doctors working in the Department of Corrections and the Fire Department were not being paid at the correct title.  These Doctors Council members will now receive higher salaries as well as receiving retroactive pay over a number of years worth thousands of dollars.

These victories are just a small sample of what Doctors Council wins for our members by enforcing our contracts.

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