Victory for Patient Care in Dialysis Services at HHC

Drs. Sudhanshu Jain and Dr. Herman Anderson, Nephrologists of Harlem Hospital.

Our community and political advocacy is vital is protecting the quality of care and the services our patients and communities receive and have access to.  HHC had attempted to outsource chronic dialysis services at a number of hospitals to a for-profit subcontractor.  Doctors Council worked with a coalition of community groups, elected officials and unions in attending meetings and  testifying before hearings as well as participating in press conferences.

Our nephrologists wrote a letter to the New York State Department of Health expressing our patient care concerns and that was crucial in both convincing both the State to not approve the outsourcing as well as HHC to reconsider and keep the dialysis services in house.  This is a huge victory for patient care!

“As a doctor, I have a responsibility to speak up for what I think is best for my patients. Being involved through Doctors Council‘s community and political action enables us to protect quality standards of care,” Dr. Herman Anderson said.

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