“Bump Up” Arbitration Settlement Win for Hospitalists Doctors Council Members at Coney Island Hospital

We recently successfully settled at arbitration a “bump up” grievance we had filed for hospitalists at Coney Island Hospital. This victory resulted in some hospitalists receiving up to $10,000 in retroactive pay and wage increases of up to more than $35,000 (over 24%).

Many Doctors Council contracts contain a “Bump Up’ clause that in essence requires that if an employer hires a new doctor at a higher salary than that of a current doctor who has comparable experience, qualifications, position, specialty and responsibilities, then the current doctor or doctors will have his/her salary raised to that of the newly hired doctor. ┬áThis is an important contract clause that results in wage increases for doctors, especially as the market moves to be able to hire. ┬áThe “bump up” clause assists in not only recruiting new doctors but also retaining existing ones by ensuring that those who have worked at a hospital or facility are not paid less than new hires if they are comparable.

The contract clause in the contract that was enforced reads: “In the event the Employer hires a new bargaining unit employee at a salary/wage that is higher than that of an incumbent bargaining unit employee with at least comparable experience, qualifications, position, specialty and responsibilities at the Employer, then the incumbent bargaining unit employee(s) shall have his/her salary wage increased to that of the new bargaining unit employee and in addition shall receive all applicable differentials to which the respective incumbent bargaining unit employee is entitled.”

“Our union contract language and our grievance and arbitration procedure won for us as hospitalists, and our hospitalists colleagues, wage increases and retroactive pay. We believe this will aid in keeping the good doctors that we have at the hospital by rewarding their commitment and service. Not only can the hospital have the flexibility to hire new doctors at a higher salary if need be to recruit new doctors, but the doctors who are here and who are comparable gets raised to the new hire’s higher salary.” –Dr. Rajnikant Patel and Dr. Anomadarshi Barua

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