Helping to Shape the Future of Radiology Services

“The process of being involved through the enforcement of our union contract language has enabled Radiologists to have protections against our work being outsourced and to protect quality care and how we practice. I am part of a delegation of Doctors Council radiology members that meet with administration to have a voice in and help shape the future of radiology services both in my hospital and across the health system. We are addressing issues such as what studies will be read and by whom; we are also collaborating on the formulation of a plan to implement appropriate information technology, scheduling and compensation.” — Jay Hochsztein, M.D., Radiologist, Jacobi Medical Center

Doctors Council filed a grievance regarding subcontracting of radiology in PAGNY hospitals. The grievance was not only brought up as a concern of contracting out our members’ work, but of patient care issues with the outsourced work. Throughout this process we have worked with a committee of Doctors Council members from each of the PAGNY facilities.

Following several successful protections in interim arbitration awards we have effectively stopped the implementation of negative changes in Radiology without the input of our membership. We have also moved from working just with PAGNY and have now been meeting on an ongoing basis with HHC senior leadership, including Dr. Ross Wilson, CMO, to hear their thoughts about the future of radiology. At these meetings we have a voice and a seat at the table in regards to potential major changes in all the radiology departments throughout HHC that go beyond the scope of just outsourcing. We have been successful in having front line physicians be involved from the beginning.

From left to right, Doctors Council Radiology members Drs. Mohammed Ali Mousavi (Metropolitan Hospital), Ali Saleem (Harlem Hospital), Joseph Tuvia (Lincoln Hospital), Deepak Naran (Coney Island Hospital), and Jay Hochsztein (Jacobi Medical Center) after meeting with HHC central office.

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