Gotham Health Update

In mid-November, Doctors Council Delegates from the Diagnostic and Treatment Centers- DTCs- (Belvis, Cumberland, East New York, Gouverneur, Morrisania, and Renaissance) met with Dr. Walid Michelen, CEO and CMO, for Gotham Health and facility Chief Medical Officers. The DTCs have become Gotham Health, an FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center) look-alike organization.

The purpose of the meeting was for Doctors Council members to learn more about Gotham Health and its organizational strategy, as well as begin a discussion on how to move forward together in a way that frontline doctors are guaranteed a voice in shaping the changes to come.

At the meeting, Dr Michelen shared that Gotham’s patient base has risen from 145,000 pre-expansion to approximately 200,000 post-expansion (of which 60,000 are MetroPlus members). Visits have increased from 609,000 pre-expansion to approximately 850,000 post-expansion and there are 1,650 employees in Gotham facilities.

Gotham is currently running a deficit $70 million, but that deficit is expected to be reduced to $45 million as Gotham receives additional reimbursements as an FQHC look-alike.

Gotham Health is envisioned in Health + Hospitals 2020 Vision plan as being one of the main vehicles in transitioning from a primarily hospital/in-patient focused system, to one that manages the health of the populations it serves, promoting health and wellness increasingly through its ambulatory care system.

Dr Michelen stressed that Gotham Health is committed to providing a caring, value-added outpatient experience that anticipates and meets patient and community needs through a highly engaged patient centered workforce.


“One of the best ways we can meet our shared goal of improving care and the health of the patients and families we serve is to engage frontline doctors  and afford them a respected and effective role in building a more patient-centered system. That is why we have created our Collaboration Councils- to improve quality of care and the patient experience through doctor engagement. To succeed, doctors must be involved in a meaningful way.”
Dr. Karen Hoover, Gouverneur Health

Previous to Doctors Council meeting with Gotham Health, on October 13 Dr. Michelen updated the Strategic Planning Committee of NYC Health + Hospitals, on the recent formation and progress of Gotham Health, the new umbrella organization for Health + Hospitals’ 6 DTCs and 34 satellite facilities. Dr. Michelen reported on the process of setting up Gotham, securing FQHC look-alike designation for the DTCs that would allow them to access more funding, and Gotham now being governed by an independent board.

Of note in Dr. Michelen’s presentation were the goals Gotham had set for itself, consistent with Health + Hospitals 2020 Vision, in three main areas: patient experience, increasing market share and managing the health of populations.  Among the goals set forth:

Patient Experience

  • Improving Press Ganey Scores from 84% to 93%
  • Improving staff engagement
  • Transitioning to a patient-centered medical home
  • Decreasing average flow time from 60 to 45 and 30 minutes
  • Adding select specialties

Market Share

  • Adding 60,000 MetroPlus members by 2020
  • Aggressive marketing
  • Expanding Women’s health & select specialty services

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