Medical School Diversity

Dear colleagues,

As you know, every day we take care of a diverse group of people, whether it is patients in our facilities from the communities we serve or children we see in schools or clinics.  We believe it is important that the health care workers who treat these patients or children be as representative of the population and as diverse as possible.

We are asking that you take just a few minutes to send a letter to your medical school to encourage that there be a more ethnically/racially representative class at our nation’s medical schools.  Click here to download a sample letter for your use but please send as you see fit.

This is part of a national day promoting diversity justice.

We thank you for your leadership at work every day in taking care of anyone who walks through our doors, regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration status or ability to pay.


In unity,

Matthews Hurley, M.D.
1st Vice President


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