Let’s Tell New York State Elected Leaders: We Need You to Support Fair Funding for NYC Health + Hospitals

Let’s Tell New York State Elected Leaders: We Need You to Support Fair Funding for NYC Health + Hospitals

Tell Governor Cuomo to support fair distribution of Safety Net Funding.  Last year NYC Health + Hospitals received only $96 million guaranteed out of a possible $3.5 BILLION in funds that are supposed to go to care for costs of all Medicaid and uninsured patients.  NYC Health + Hospitals sees 1.2 million patients without receiving its fair share of funds. About 80% of Health + Hospitals’ patients are on Medicaid or Medicare, or are uninsured.

Health + Hospitals,  the single largest provider of healthcare to uninsured New Yorkers does not receive a fair share of New York State indigent care funding.  We provide the care for these patients every day and the Health + Hospitals system that our patients come to must be protected.

As reported in 3 recent news articles, NYC Health + Hospitals is facing a financial crisis.  It needs and deserves fair funding to continue carrying out its mission of patient care to all, regardless of who you are.

City’s Hospitals Face Funding Crisis (City & State)
“With the city’s system the mission is that everyone has a right to health care no matter who you are, what ZIP code you come from, or even your immigration status.” Doctors Council
II.  New York Hospitals Must Restructure Finances, Comptroller Says – Bloomberg News
“NYC Health + Hospitals is the largest provider of uninsured care in the city,” (HHC)
III. Ailing public hospital system may need another bailout – Crain’s
“High proportion of uninsured patients, more health care providers competing for Medicaid patients and reduced federal funding…”

Tell your elected officials to support amending Chapter 60 of 2015 to include Vital Access Funds for the NYC Health + Hospitals, and to amend budget bill numbers A.9007-A/S6407-A of 2016 to adequately and fairly fund NYC Health + Hospitals.

TAKE ACTION:   Call, email, tweet, tell your colleagues that between now and Friday, March 18, 2016

To demand your elected officials to support Fair Funding for NYC Health + Hospitals

Governor Cuomo:
Call: Toll free number at 1-877-255-9417 or 518-474-8390

Send a tweet to @NYGovCuomo and include hashtag #NYGovCoumo

Senate Majority Leader Flanagan:
Call:        518-455-2071
Email:    Flanagan@nysenate.gov

Assembly Speaker Heastie: Thank him and the Assembly for their support.
Twitter: Send a tweet to @NYSA_Majority and include the hashtag #NYSAssembly


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