Victory for Kings County OB-GYN Doctors

From left to right: Drs. Robby Short, Iyad Nader, Cheryl Claxton, Olusegun Ajayi, Melissa Philadelphia, Lisa Ricketts-Holcomb


Doctors Council members in OB/GYN at Kings County Hospital recently won a victory enforcing our legal rights through our union.

Doctors were informed by administration that the compensation we had been receiving for many years for work on a holiday would be changed to compensatory time. Administration changed this practice without any consultation or negotiation with the doctors impacted. We contacted Doctors Council and together we met with administration, but they refused to change their decision.

Doctors Council filed an improper practice charge at the Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) and a hearing was held. Doctors Council members prevailed and we won.

Under the order from the OCB, Kings County was held to have violated the law by unilaterally changing the compensation of the Doctors Council members in OB-GYN for hours worked on a holiday. Kings County was ordered to rescind its action and restore the practice for paying doctors for working on holidays. Under the order, any doctor who suffered a loss would be made whole by Kings County.

This important victory shows the value of being a member and involved in Doctors Council.  When we enforce our rights through our union we can protect our interests. Kings County cannot make such unilateral changes until they negotiate with us and Doctors Council.

Doctors Council has been addressing many issues at Kings County and if you or your colleagues have any issues or questions please get involved and contact us.

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