Week of Sept. 6-9: Stop by our Tables & Support NYC H+H by Encouraging Gov. Cuomo to Sign the Enhanced Safety Net Bill!

The Future of NYC H+H Depends on Us.


Please bring your colleagues and stop by our tables to sign the petition to protect and save H+H and encourage Gov. Cuomo to sign the Enhanced Safety Net bill.


Tuesday, September 6:
Gouverneur, 1st Floor Lobby  9am-5pm

Wednesday, September 7:
Henry J. Carter, 1st Floor near the Culinary Room, 9am-5pm

Thursday, September 8:
Jacobi Medical Center, Ground Floor Atrium of Building 8, 9am-5pm
Queens Hospital, 1st Floor Corridor between N & A Buildings, 9am-5pm

Friday, September 9:
Coler Specialty Hospital, 1st Floor Lobby, 9am-5pm


As you have probably heard by now, New York City Health + Hospitals faces a $1.8 billion financial crisis, which left unaddressed, threatens the very existence of the system, our jobs, and most importantly, the health care of the 1.2 million New Yorkers who depend on the care we provide every year.

The New York State Legislature has passed a bill, the Enhanced Safety Net bill, which would assist Health + Hospitals in capturing a fairer share of funding meant for hospitals that treat the largest number of uninsured or Medicaid patients. This wouldn’t completely solve H+H’s fiscal problems, but it would be a helpful start.

Let’s encourage Governor Cuomo to sign the bill into law. Working together with the other unions of H+H, we have created a petition to ask Gov. Cuomo to sign the Enhanced Safety Net bill into law.

We, in coordination with other unions, will be tabling at all H+H facilities to gather signatures and urge you and your colleagues to stop by and take a brief moment to add your name to the petition. Above is a list of the dates, times, and locations we will be tabling next week. Future sites and times will be announced shortly.

In Unity,

Dr. Frank Proscia
Doctors Council President

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