Advocating for Doctors, Patients and More PPE and Ventilators during COVID-19

Dear Doctors Council members,

What you are doing and the conditions you are working under during the COVID-19 pandemic is heroic.  Thank you.

We continue our advocacy for more PPE and ventilators, as well as protecting your ability to speak out.  Please see the below for some examples:

  • Our full page ad in the New York Post “Doctors and Patients Need Help Now!  We Need More N95 Masks and Ventilators Now!”



  • Our joining with the New York City Council as they introduce legislation to protect the right of health care workers to speak out about what is going on. “NYC Council Members Announce Legislation to Protect Health Care Workers Speaking Out About Safety Conditions”
    “Doctors Council SEIU represents doctors on the frontline fighting against COVID-19 and to save our patients’ lives. As a doctors’ union, we believe speaking out about what we and our patients need is a natural extension of being a patient advocate. We took an oath to do no harm and staying silent will harm our patients and our colleagues. We renew our call to action for the federal government to lead and get us more N95 masks, PPE and ventilators. The best way to beat this insidious disease is through the input of doctors and other healthcare workers. Silencing our voices serves no public good and we applaud the City Council protecting the ability of those of us on the frontlines fighting the Coronavirus to speak out for what our patients and we need without fear of losing our jobs.  We are all in this together and truly are stronger together when all our voices are heard,” said Frank Proscia, M.D., President, Doctors Council SEIU

As you have previously received, please click here for our letter to New York State Governor Cuomo and click here for our appeal to the federal government.  Please join us in emailing your U.S. Senators and House of Representative elective leaders.

Again, thank you for the sacrifices you are making for our patients, our communities and each other.

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