Doctors Council members Presentation by NYCERS (Know Your Pension)

Know Your Pension

Dear Doctor:

We had a very large and engaged group of members attend our Know Your Pension presentation by NYCERS earlier this month in May.  There was great participation in the excellent presentation.

It is important to know that when the City eliminated pension benefits for any employee who is not full-time, including part-time employees and hourlies, Doctors Council went to court to challenge and fight against this.  We won in New York State’s highest court and our victory was extended to all part-time and hourly employees through legislation.  To this day, these employees and doctors have a pension only because of Doctors Council.

It was great to see so many doctors on the video call.  Many of you have shared positive feedback which is appreciated.  We are glad that you found the presentation useful and informative.

As was requested by many of you, please click here for the PowerPoint that was used.

As we discussed in the presentation, if you need assistance contacting NYCERS with a question or issue, please email with you name, cell #, email address and a brief description of your question or issue.  We will contact NYCERS to assist you.

We will continue our advocacy to protect your pension, as you and your family have earned and deserve the pension benefits.  Doctors Council provides many services to our members, including in bargaining, job protection, grievances and arbitrations to protect our contract rights, compensation, giving a strong voice at work, and empowering doctors to advocate in community and policy issues.

Please keep safe and well.

In Unity,

Frank Proscia, M.D.                 Kevin Collins
President                                   Executive Director

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