Meeting and Advocacy Training for COPE members

Dear Doctor:

Thanks for being part of our COPE (Committee on Political Education).  We had a good Doctors Council COPE Advocacy Meeting and Training that we held the end of April.  It was great to see so many doctors on the video call.

Many of you have shared positive feedback which is appreciated.  We are glad that you found the presentation useful and informative.

As was requested by many of you, please see below the video recording of the presentation.

In addition, here is the PowerPoint that we used and that you can also see by clicking here.

Please remember, as you know, the importance of doctors’ having a voice in politics, policy and legislation, especially with elected leaders.  We work in coalition with other unions and community organizations.  We have been especially active the past months advocating for doctors and those we take care of.

If you would like to be active in our COPE, please email us at   We encourage doctors to be involved on legislative and policy issues, political action and community engagement.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you join us in this vital work for our members, those we care for and the communities we serve.

Please keep safe and well.

In Unity,

Frank Proscia, M.D.                 Kevin Collins
President                                   Executive Director

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