Burnout: Is it me or is the system designed that way?

It feels like doctor burnout could always be in the news. It is not so much a story as a constant fact.  The numbers, like the situation, are depressing.  Dr John La Puma in a KevinMD post cites a… Read More

Is Engagement the Future of Health Care?

Alan Weil, the editor of Health Affairs, opened the Colorado Health Symposium arguing that the future of health care is greater engagement. He describes five different types of engagement including engaging the whole patient and engaging the social… Read More

The Pay-for-Performance Problem

Aaron Carroll, a pediatrics professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine, writing for the New York Times’ health blog, TheUpshot, has a problem with pay-for-performance, noting that it is meeting with mixed results and some fear that… Read More

Waiting, and Waiting , and Waiting to See the Doctor.

Few complaints raise more aggravation for our members than excessive and needless paperwork.  While one of the great promises of EHR (electronic health records) was that they would shorten note-taking time, this has not always been the case…. Read More

Health Care Reform: Will Doctors Be Invited?

For the salaried doctor in 2014 there are many questions and few answers.  While the theories about what health care systems and doctors must do to improve care and achieve the triple aim are many, and the acronyms… Read More

Could Doctor Involvement Be for Real?

In Doctors Council’s recent White Paper and other forums we have argued that fundamental change in the health care delivery system can not be achieved without doctor involvement.  A recent study in Health Affairs: First National Survey Of ACOs Finds… Read More

Safety-net Hospitals are Different!

Data continues to emerges that it is very difficult to have federal payment systems that do not address safety-net hospitals and their unique patient populations. It is increasing clear that adjustments to the federal payment system for health… Read More

How can I be a Good Doctor?

In a recent blog post from Ashish Jha, Harvard Medical School, he asks what seems like a simple question: What makes a good doctor and can it can it be measured? How would a hospital or patient go about answering this question?  Is it an evidence based question that can be measured using clear criteria such… Read More

Should Performance Metrics be Adjusted for Socioeconomic Status (SES)?

According to a recent draft report from the National Quality Forum (NQF) (see Draft Report for Commenting ): “There is a concern that NQF’s current policy to not adjust performance measures for sociodemographic factors results in incorrect conclusions about… Read More

What is it Like for the Salaried Primary Care Doctor?

Stories, like the one in Kaiser Health News point out that insurance companies are paying more attention to the primary care doctors: “While much attention has focused on expanded coverage and online insurance bazaars, policymakers’ bigger challenge is… Read More