What is the Role of Community Health Workers

One of the big questions in healthcare delivery reform is what new models of primary care will look like. While one part of this question is how current roles like the physician and nurse will transform, another question… Read More

A Role for the Insurers?

Doctors often have a hard time understanding the role that the insurance sector could play in health care delivery reform. And yet, for better or worse, reform is impossible without addressing the problem of insurance.  In a three… Read More

Health Disparities and a Call for Health Justice: Cause and Effects…

The growing #BlackLivesMatter movement has focused long overdue national attention to issues arising out encounters between Black citizens, especially youth,  and law enforcement authorities that range from warrantless stop and search, to the uncalled for use of violent… Read More

Health Disparities and a Call for Health Justice: The Impact of Health Disparities Hit Home

The effects of stress are further contributors to health disparities especially among racial and ethnic minorities. Jocelyn R. Smith in the American Journal of Public Health examined what it meant for young black men in Baltimore Maryland to… Read More

Health Disparities and a Call for Health Justice: Black Health Matter

The CDC Health Disparities & Inequalities Report, last published in 2013, provides much of the data on disparities within the United States.  Three of the most stark findings from the report  include: “Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause… Read More

Health Disparities and a Call for Health Justice: Next Stop: Inequality Street

The data on health disparities is heartbreaking.  It illuminates the fundamental inequity distribution of resources in the United states. We can see these disparities along a multitude of variables including place.  Zip code, for example,  is greater predictor… Read More

Health Disparities and a Call for Health Justice: It’s All About Justice…

In healthcare, we are no strangers to the systematic, unhealthy and ultimately deadly effects of racism and inequality. Doctors see the effects every day in their clinics and wards.  As a profession, doctors have long discussed health disparities,… Read More

Collaboration Councils Being Implemented– Groundbreaking Initiative Underway; Training with IHI to Occur

Doctors Council SEIU is excited to announce the implementation of the Collaboration Councils, which puts into practice the vision of our White Paper “Putting Patients First Through Doctor, Patient and Community Engagement: A Call to Action from Doctors… Read More

Helping to Shape the Future of Radiology Services

Doctors Council filed a grievance regarding subcontracting of radiology in PAGNY hospitals. The grievance was not only brought up as a concern of contracting out our members’ work, but of patient care issues with the outsourced work. Throughout… Read More

“Bump Up” Arbitration Settlement Win for Hospitalists Doctors Council Members at Coney Island Hospital

We recently successfully settled at arbitration a “bump up” grievance we had filed for hospitalists at Coney Island Hospital. This victory resulted in some hospitalists receiving up to $10,000 in retroactive pay and wage increases of up to… Read More