Our Mission

“Doctors Council unites doctors, patients, and the communities we serve, advocating for quality, affordable health care for all. We are frontline doctors from New York to Illinois, working together in hospitals, clinics, and in public health, to achieve the highest standards in quality and working conditions, to win safer staffing levels, and empower doctors to do what we do best—caring for our patients.”


Some of our guiding principles include:

  • High-Quality, affordable and safe Health Care, a basic human right and social good, is achieved and accessible by all regardless of insurance, economic status, ability to pay, race, ethnicity, citizenship or residency status, language spoken, or diagnosis;

  • Doctors’ involvement and input is sought and listened to in a meaningful way on all levels, including administration and management, and that changes and improvements in health care are doctor-led;

  • Doctors are treated with dignity and respect at work and have a conducive and safe environment free from retaliation to speak out on patient care issues;

  • We work through political action to elect and hold accountable officials to stand up for the things that matter to us and our patients. Our healthcare system is significantly shaped by elections, legislative decisions and governmental actions. Doctors must have a voice in the policy, political and fiscal arenas;

  • Doctors’ work environments are such that our hospitals and facilities can recruit and retain staff and that we can practice medicine and dentistry in a manner that we believe in, is ethical and can take pride in.


Click here to download a copy of our full mission statement.