Our Members

Doctors Council is composed of every type of doctor from anesthesiologists to surgeons, from cardiology to MFM. Our members include primary care physicians, dentists, and both in- and out-patient doctors. Whether a pediatrician working in a clinic or a specialist in interventional radiology, our members work together to advocate for our patients and our profession.

We are frontline clinicians standing together as a physician union. We work in clinics, hospitals, schools and many different care settings. We work for academic medical centers and various types of health systems and facilities. We do research and publish. We write grants. We teach residents and medical students. We are constantly learning. Whether delivering care or speaking up for our patients and communities, we put patients first, using the strength of our collective voice to advocate for the betterment of medicine.

Our diversity is our strength. We are new doctors just out of residency and fellowship, and we are doctors with years of attending experience under our belts.

Our Leaders

Frances Quee, M.D.

Dr. Frances Quee is a board-certified pediatrician at H+H Gotham Health, Belvis in the Bronx. She has worked with H+H for 30 years starting as resident at Lincoln Hospital. She has served as a Doctors Council SEIU Representative for 20 years, starting as a delegate representing her colleagues at Belvis, and now as President, representing her colleagues from across the country. She is truly dedicated to the practice of advocacy in the workplace and believes in empowering frontline doctors to provide high quality care to our patients.





Robert Mishkin, M.D.
1st Vice President


Dr. Robert Mishkin has been a radiologist at Woodhull since 2004, and has been an active Doctors Council SEIU leader since 2018, starting as delegate and now serving as 1st Vice President. He is an active an member of Doctors Council SEIU bargaining, specifically the Steering and Planning Committee. He is also the chair of the Collaboration Council at Woodhull and has been an integral part of Doctors Council SEIU Committee on the Political Education fund (COPE). He is dedicated to listening to the concerns doctors may have regarding their working conditions and working with them to find a resolution to those issues.




Jay Hochsztein, M.D.
2nd Vice President


Raised in the Bronx, Dr. Hochsztein is a radiologist at Jacobi and North Central Bronx Hospitals. He has been Acting Chairman of Radiology, Associate Radiology Program Director, Jacobi Medical Executive Committee member, PAGNY Local Governance Council member, Collaboration Council member, and Doctors Council SEIU Bargaining Committee member. Through a multitude of experiences, he has come to appreciate our many varied H+H hospitals, diverse patient populations, and terrific colleagues throughout our challenged Healthcare Networks.




Roberta Leon, M.D.
3rd Vice President
leon bubble

Dr. Leon is a pediatrician working in the School Health Program in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and as a Public Health Officer led the efforts to protect the funding to keep open vitally needed services for school children.





Lauren Woertz, M.D.
4th Vice President


Dr. Woertz is a forensic pathologist who has spent her career working as an Assistant Medical Examiner at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office (CCMEO) in Chicago, IL. In 2013, she was nominated to serve as the SEIU delegate for the CCMEO and most recently as 4th Vice President to Doctors Council SEIU. She believes in the mission of Doctors Council SEIU, assisting physicians in attaining strong future contracts that will promote a happy and productive workforce.





Lawrence Rezkalla, M.D.


Dr. Rezkalla is an emergency medicine physician and a Fellow of American College of Physicians. He has 40 years of medical expertise including 23 years working in NYC H+H. He has been an integral voice in the creation of the Collaboration Councils and collective bargaining efforts. He believes in the role frontline providers play in ensuring quality patient outcomes and experiences.





Sheena Nandi, D.D.S.



Dr. Nandi is a board-certified pediatric dentist at NYC Health and Hospitals and an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Dental. She has been involved in advocacy and bargaining efforts with Doctor Council SEIU and believes in providing high quality care for patients.