Our Members

Doctors Council is composed of every type of doctor from anesthesiologists to surgeons, from cardiology to MFM. Our members include primary care physicians, dentists, and both in- and out-patient doctors. Whether a pediatrician working in a clinic or a specialist in interventional radiology, our members work together to advocate for our patients and our profession.

We are frontline clinicians standing together as a physician union. We work in clinics, hospitals, schools and many different care settings. We work for academic medical centers and various types of health systems and facilities. We do research and publish. We write grants. We teach residents and medical students. We are constantly learning. Whether delivering care or speaking up for our patients and communities, we put patients first, using the strength of our collective voice to advocate for the betterment of medicine.

Our diversity is our strength. We are new doctors just out of residency and fellowship, and we are doctors with years of attending experience under our belts.

Our Leaders

Frank Proscia, M.D.

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Dr. Proscia is a psychiatrist from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine who is also a volunteer firefighter, husband and father of two daughters. Through the vision and strategic plan initiated by Dr. Proscia, members of Doctors Council navigate the changing courses of health care. Leading the way in winning contracts and having a voice in decisions at work, Dr. Proscia also heads patient care and professional advocacy efforts in community outreach and political advocacy, as well as strategic alliances and organizing.


Aycan Turkmen, M.D.
1st Vice President

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Dr. Turkmen is an OB-GYN who preaches and practices advocacy at work to involve frontline doctors in decision making through tackling QI projects such as clinic wait times and patient satisfaction, as well as meeting with elected officials.





Frances Quee, M.D.
2nd Vice President


Roberta Leon, M.D.
3rd Vice President
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Dr. Leon is a Pediatrician working in the School Health Program in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and as a Public Health Officer led the efforts to protect the funding to keep open vitally needed services for school children.




Simon Piller, M.D.
4th Vice President
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Dr. Piller, a Primary Care Physician, is a former ICU RN at the University of Illinois Hospital, helped organize the hospital system where he works as well as win first contracts, and advocates on community health issues, such as coal plant emissions.




Lawrence Rezkalla, M.D.

Dr. Rezkalla is an Emergency Medicine Physician who has been involved in a number of areas, including bargaining, and believes all health care workers must be responsible for ensuring quality patient outcomes and experiences. 




Peter Catapano, D.D.S.
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Dr. Catapano, a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist with over 36 years of experience who is also a Clinical Associate Professor at the NYU Medical and Dental Schools, performs pediatric dental care and believes our children/families need to have anticipatory guidance and preventative oral health care starting with all women of childbearing age and pregnant women to prevent preterm births, and with newborns to prevent early childhood carries, traumatic injuries and to prepare them early on to live a healthy life.