Who We Are

Doctors Council is a union of doctors, for doctors, run by doctors. We are the country’s oldest and largest union of attending physicians. We believe in quality, affordable, and safe health care as a basic human right and social good, accessible to all, regardless of insurance, economic status, ability to pay, race, ethnicity, citizenship or residency status, language spoken, or diagnosis.

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In a time when health care is rapidly transforming, it is our mission to ensure that the voices of frontline doctors and our patients are heard and respected when decisions about health care delivery are made.

As advocates for our patients, we reach out into the communities where we work to enhance the doctor-patient relationship and ensure that our patients’ voices are heard, and that our patients are involved in their care decisions.

Increasingly, we serve as advocates on behalf of all the people whose lives we touch when they need care. It’s a role we take seriously, and one we’re proud of.

We work to ensure equal and timely access to patient care services in our communities, and work to remove barriers to or disparities in health care, especially in low-income, medically underserved, immigrant, and communities of color.

In our traditional role as a physician union, we work to win contracts that recognize the valuable work of our members, improve the patient care experience, and create an environment where doctors and patients are treated with dignity and respect.