Is Medicine Becoming Doctor vs. Patient?

  Patient waiting time is often explained as a story of doctors versus patients. A Kaiser News Article on the PBS page is a good example: “Dr. Richard J. Baron, president of the American Board of Internal Medicine, said… Read More

More on Physician Burnout

“Dr. Paul Batalden has frequently stated that “every system is perfectly designed to produce the results it gets,” and health-care systems have been perfectly designed to produce burnout. “ — William Spinelli In the current medical climate, reform and… Read More

Can Professionalism Be Saved?

“Medicine has become factory work.” “I would replace ‘burn out’ with physician ‘loss of control’ over the practice of medicine. The source of much frustration is that decisions are largely made by non-clinicians, because clinicians by and large… Read More

Doctor Burnout is a Patient Care Issue

The AMA has recently highlighted Dr. Mark Linzer’s work on Physician Burnout by reviewing his 7 signs of physician burnout. The 6th sign on the list is “You lack control over your work schedule and free time” with… Read More