The Unhealthy State of Equal Pay for Women in Medicine Continues

A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine confirms that women physicians still make less than their male counterparts.  We explored this issue in a previous post, and unfortunately little has changed. The study in JAMA Internal medicine by… Read More

Can Professionalism Be Saved?

“Medicine has become factory work.” “I would replace ‘burn out’ with physician ‘loss of control’ over the practice of medicine. The source of much frustration is that decisions are largely made by non-clinicians, because clinicians by and large… Read More

Is “Treadmill” Medicine Safe?

The great doctor speed up continues, and at the same time there is an increasing recognition that diagnostic error is a major patient safety issue. One recent study suggests that “diagnostic errors affect at least 1 in 20… Read More

Is Medicine a Team Sport?

What skills do doctors need to make the patient care team successful? A change in Medicare policy will now pay Doctors to manage the care of some of their patients according to an article in the New York Times. … Read More