Collaboration Councils and Doctors Council: Doctor Engagement and Improving Care and the Patient and Provider Experience

In May and June Doctors Council members ratified Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs or contracts) with the New York City Health and Hospital Cooperation (HHC) and its affiliates (the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NYU and PAGNY) creating the… Read More

Primary Care Transformation and Doctor Engagement

One of the themes of this blog has been to critique the idea that “physician engagement” can be achieved through management techniques alone. As Donald Milliken writes in the Canadian Medical Association Journal “… ‘physician engagement’ can sometimes seem… Read More

What Does it take for a Physician to Lead Physicians?

  What is the relationship between physician leadership, especially on the departmental level, and front line physician satisfaction and burnout? In Dr. Thomas H. Lee’s reflections on physician leadership in the Harvard Business review, we see the problem… Read More

Is “Treadmill” Medicine Safe?

The great doctor speed up continues, and at the same time there is an increasing recognition that diagnostic error is a major patient safety issue. One recent study suggests that “diagnostic errors affect at least 1 in 20… Read More

The Changing Faces of the Doctors, Part II

In our last blog we explored the New Guard of medicine analyzed in the 2014 Survey of America’s Physicians. One of the more interesting findings of the survey is that this New Guard, which tends to be younger,… Read More

The Pay-for-Performance Problem

Aaron Carroll, a pediatrics professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine, writing for the New York Times’ health blog, TheUpshot, has a problem with pay-for-performance, noting that it is meeting with mixed results and some fear that… Read More