Voice At Work


Doctors Council is dedicated to representing our members where they practice, striving to be heard on all the issues that shape and affect that practice: quality improvement, systems change, adoption of new technologies and metrics, business plans and capital investments, and the provision of vital and needed services to communities.

We speak up about staffing, case and workloads, as well as scheduling and hours of work. We work together to provide better patient care, to prevent abuses and correct inequities in the delivery of services to the public, to ensure fair compensation and working conditions for our members, and to voice the professional concerns of doctors.

We have won significant victories for doctors in the hospitals and facilities where we work. Winning strong contracts for our members remains a key tool in creating a safe work environment where doctors feel comfortable standing up for themselves and their patients. Our collective bargaining agreements, which provide more transparency in how we are compensated, our responsibilities in employment, as well the responsibilities of our employers; provisions for informal and more formal dialogue with Administration; the staff that we employ who help make our voice heard and effective: and the ability at times to access neutral, binding arbitration when we disagree: all are all tools for providing salaried doctors a voice at work that has proven effectiveness.

Our organization allows us to express our needs and concerns more effectively than we could as individuals. And our ability to more fully and freely express ourselves where we work is a precondition to our full engagement and leadership in a healthcare system in the midst of profound change.